Breathing Conditions

Breathing Conditions

India bears 32% of the global burden of respiratory diseases. The good news is that it can be cured or managed with awareness and medication. Know the conditions and stay prepared.

Everything About Inhaler

Everything about Inhaler

With proper technique, inhalers are one of the best defenses against Asthma and COPD. As a patient or a caregiver, make it your mission to know all about the inhalers.

Living with a Lung condition

Living with a lung condition

Living with a lung condition should not translate into poor quality of life. The answer lies in regular medication and lifestyle modifications. Learn how you can go from surviving to living a life.

why lung health matters

Why lung health

Because struggling for a breath of fresh air should not be the life.

Lungs are a vital organ that helps us get the oxygen we need. Without enough oxygen, completing the smallest tasks is a struggle and prolonged poor oxygen supply can be fatal. For a long time, we have taken lung health for granted, however now is the time to change that. Healthy lungs can be a reality with awareness, medication, and proper management.

Let us join hands and create a movement for healthy lungs.

Need for

Breathing conditions can hamper life. It needs wider acceptance for early detection and treatment. Noticing the early signs and symptoms is key to quick and efficient treatment plan. Do not ignore or treat breathlessness and persistent cough lightly. Breathing condition can develop at any time in life. Being vigilant and taking quick action for your lung issues is the best approach.

need for acceptance

Keeping lungs healthy -
Transform the care of people
living with lung diseases

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Breathing treatments that include reliever and preventer medicines can provide quick relief and help manage the disease in the long-term. Breathe better with trusted advice and proper treatment plan.

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Inhalation Device

Inhalers and nebulizers are common inhalation devices that can be a lifesaver. Learning the proper techniques of using it and following the treatment plan will help manage the illness and lead a quality life.

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Pollution can destroy healthy lungs. Raising awareness about breathing diseases and knowing the way forward is the first step towards better management. Be aware and empower yourself.